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80% of hydraulic breakdowns are caused by dirty oil. We stop this happening.

NTZ Radial Micro Filtration: The Difference is Clear

For over 35 years, NTZ have designed, manufactured and marketed highly efficient oil filtration products. Our products are used by companies throught the world to achieve better performance of their equipment, minimise waste and make significant savings on maintenance costs.

Throughout this time, the NTZ filter system range has been continually developed to guarantee the most efficient filtration of hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubrication oil, transmission oil, thermal oil, transformer oil and furnace oil. Through the use of an ultra-effective filter media to obtain the highest cleanliness standards, they ensure superior cleanliness of these fluids and the systems that use them, thus offering a wide range of benefits to the end user.

Whether it’s a bypass micro filtration system for an engine, transmission or power steering application, or a hydraulic filtration system for an industrial or mobile application, you can be certain that there’s an NTZ filter system to solve your problem and put your equipment on the right track.