About NTZ Nederland b.v.

A product developed in a crisis...

In 1973, the Western World experienced a massive rise in the price of oil. In response to this crisis, NTZ Oel Filter Technik was founded to develop and manufacture products that would prolong the life of oil. The products quickly became recognised as a technological breakthough and their popularity spread though Europe, with importers keen to market and sell this innovative system. In 1986, one such company, NTZ Nederland b.v. became the importer for the Benelux countries. Over the next four years, NTZ Nederland's sales grew significantly and the company was soon in a position to take over NTZ Oel Filter Technik, which they did in 1990.

Expansion and growth...

Recognising that there was still much untapped potential, NTZ sought to grow the worldwide distributor network into key countries and markets. In 1991 the company initiated an expansion and export strategy, and in 1993 introduced a line of hydraulic products for the first time .

1997 brought another route to market with an introduction at the Ford Motor Company, followed in 1998 with NTZ being accepted as a supplier and the start of product development. In order to facilitate further growth, the company become ISO 9001 certified in 1999, and QS9000 certified in 2000.

2002 marked the start of OEM supply to the Ford Motor Company and the commencement of a cooperation with Eagle Picher Automotive in the USA. Two years later, another major car manufacturer, Volkswagen, began to take delivery of NTZ products developed specifically for their range of vehicles.

The future...

NTZ has always been at the forefront of offline and bypass filtration technology. Today, the company continually takes feedback from its customers in order to develop new products, either for a specific requirement or a new market. At the same time, NTZ are always researching new ways to improve their existing product lines, whether it's making them lighter, more versatile, easier to use or more effective, you can be sure that NTZ products are always at the forefront of innovation.