NTZ and Antech Hydraulics

In 2008, NTZ approached Antech Hydraulics with a proposal to become their UK importer. Already with experience in the field of offline filtration and with obvious synergy between the two businesses, it was an ideal opportunity for Antech to join forces with the original producer of these types of systems.

The official import agreement was signed by both Companies at the Seawork Exhibition, Southampton in June 2008. Since then, Antech Hydraulics have begun rolling out the NTZ range to their existing customer base, and are presently engaged in the marketing of NTZ products to a wider UK audience. As well as taking the product to end-users, Antech are actively seeking distributors and resellers for NTZ product range. If you would like NTZ in your product portfolio, please click here to get in touch.

Visit the Antech Hydraulics website here.