AL Series (Engines / Transmissions)

The NTZ AL Series Bypass Filter System is specifically designed for use in low-pressure applications, such as engines and transmissions up to 7 bar max.

Particularly in the heavy-duty engine area, vehicle and fleet owners have a significant interest in reducing maintenance costs. An example of this is the use of the AL-29 unit for protecting the power-shifts of tractors; a popular application for the product. Other applications include heavy-duty trucks, buses, fork-lift trucks, construction and off-road vehicles, marine systems and agricultural vehicles.

picture of buses

The AL Series filter systems are specifically equipped with a restriction in order to prevent the oil pressure dropping beneath the required minimum as a result of the created bypass. This ensures that the unit does not affect the operation of the equipment it is installed upon.

NTZ filters are highly efficient micro filters that are installed parallel to the original oil circuit. Engine oil, transmission oil or hydraulic oil is conducted through the filter by the system's (low) oil pressure. The NTZ system has been developed so that internal leakages and canal shaping are prevented, thereby forcing the oil through the hundreds of tightly wound layers of the filter material. Because of this unique construction, smaller contamination particles as small as 0.5 micron, which are not stopped by ordinary full flow filters, are removed from the oil.

AL Series Range