OLFS Series

The OLFS (Off Line Filter System) Series is designed for permanent installation on the hydraulic, lubrication or transmision system of a static piece of equipment. Coming with either a 29cm or 58cm housing and element, and equipped with its own motor-pump combination, the OLFS Series ensures that the system pressures and specifications remain in conformance with the values specified by the manufacturer. The motor-pump combination takes the oil from the reservoir (or engine sump), passes it through the filter media at low pressure, before returning the clean oil to back to the tank. It is specifically designed to do this 24/7, ensuring the very best protection against contamination, even when the machines is switched off.

NTZ OLFS29/1 Offline FilterThe NTZ OLFS Series is based on a modular and specially designed manifold that integrates all of the oil channels. This makes leakages from vibrations or poorly connected pipes are a thing of the past. Because the whole system is mounted on a base plate, it can be quickly and easily installed in your system with the minimum of intrusion.

When it's time to replace the element, the whole process if very simple and there's no need to switch off your main machine. Simply shutdown the NTZ unit, undo four bolts at the top of the housing, remove the lid and the old element and put the new one in. Replace the lid, tighten the bolts, switch the unit on again and you're off! The whole process take less than three minutes and your equipment never has to stop.